Year 1/2


The Eclipse

Our pupils experienced their first total eclipse this morning – amazing!

The Eclipse from Year62008LeverHouse on Vimeo.

Red Nose Learning Day

Today has been a very special day at Lever House as the children took over as teachers and taught us all some excellent new skills. Well done everyone!!

IMG 0663 from Lever House Primary on Vimeo.

We’ve caught the writing bug!

In year 1/2 we love writing and every day we try to improve or “up level’ work. Owen is really proud of his work as you can imagine. He would love to hear which part of the story is your favourite and how you think he could improve it. We will share any comments in class.
Many thanks

The Vicious Fox By Owen

In a strange far away land there was a fox. The fox had orange eyes like fire and he had incredibly vicious looking eyes. The fox had pointed ears and extremely sharp claws.

Early one morning the fox sneakily stalked the rabbit because he wanted to eat him. As quick as a flash the fox fell down and down and down.He painfully broke his leg.

Many hours later the rabbits saw him so the rabbits put a big bandage on him and he got up again. The fox started to walk again.

The next day the fox sent a picture of himself to the rabbits so that they would remember the day when they had an adventure and to say sorry.

Stories From Other Cultures

The blog is an excellent audience for our young writers. We welcome any comments that will help the children improve their work.

Ezra’s Surprise By Nicholas

Ezra was a really kind hearted boy who lived in Africa. In a basket he put two fruits. He put in an extremely scrumptious mango and an incredibly sweet smelling banana. He was walking smartly to Akeyo’s village. Suddenly a cruel giraffe stole the juicy mango out of Ezras round basket. As quick as a flash the cruel giraffe ran off! Ezra had no idea. Then a selfish zebra pinched the sweet curved banana. Ezra still did not know what was happening so Ezra’s round empty basket was extremely empty. But the naughty goat wasn’t looking where he was going so then he ran into a green fruit tree. All the tangerines rained into Ezra’s basket and know he was at Akeyo’s village.Ezra was surprised. Werhooo they shouted.

We love P.E.

Our First Week

Welcome To Year 1/2

Welcome to our class blog, keep checking each week to look at videos, photographs as well as examples of the work. It would be really appreciated if you could comment upon our work as it really encourages the children  knowing that our work is viewed by an interactive audience.

The topic this term is “Where does food come from?”

Our P.E. days are Monday and Friday so please make sure that your child has a full P.E. kit in school.

The children have settled in well and we are already having fun painting, reading, writing and counting.

Well done Year 1/2